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CABIN (Lot #2)

  • Efficiency Cabin with 480 sq ft Under Roof
  • Living, Sleeping, Kitchen Areas & Bath
  • Both Covered and Open Deck Spaces
  • Beautiful T&G Hardwood Interior Including Ceiling
  • Frame Construction using Ttreated Wood
  • Construction Exceeds normal Belizean Standards
  • Rainwater Cistern System
  • Cabin is elevated giving you a living area under the building.
  • Large acre Landscaped and Fenced Lot
  • Includes all Furniture and Appliances
  • In a Seaside Development with 5-acre Waterfront Park

    CONTACT: blackdogruns@pei.sympatico.ca

    PRICE: $59,000 (Canadian)

Mayan Seaside Residential Development, Consejo, Northern Belize

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Mayan Seaside